A touch of Fall is in the air. I noticed a few leaves falling yesterday, the look of the forest has changed form the deep green lushness of summer , spurred by topical showers, to a more dry  appearance with a touch of brown. The sunset is earlier and my rose arbor has shed all the beautiful blossoms for this season. Seeing my rose  arbor in full bloom this year has reminded that our bodies have seasons  and change just as the Earth.

My favorite season is spring when the trees sprout  their tiny leaves , dotting the woods with various  hints of green , the lavender Wisteria intertwines amongst the branches draping and hanging through the gray green Spanish moss in the towering Live Oaks, pink and white Dogwood and Redbud blooms add to the splashes of color. The  bulbs begin to show their tiny tips breaking through the ground to produce a myriad of colors of yellow Daffodils, purple, pink and white Hyacinth, Paper White Narcissus and wildflowers like the sweet purple and white violets. Soon the Azaleas make their grand entrance creating a showcase of unimaginable beauty,  followed quickly by the beginning of the precious pink roses on the arbor.

Spring is always a sign of birth , renewal, new life emerging. As the flowers and trees bud and bloom, the cycle is much like that of a newborn baby blooming forth from the seed of their parents, unfolding into toddlers, youth and young adulthood full of life and vibrancy.Eventually , the cycle changes, time moves slowly as the blossoms continue, but just as the plants that produce blossoms change, so do we. It is meant to be. It is the way of life.

As fall approaches, the trees shed their leaves, the bulbs have long  lost their blossoms and by late summer the green foliage has dried to the ground to allow the bulbs to gain strength to survive the winter and to bloom again next spring. It is a time of quiet reflection, a gathering of energy for the following year. For as long as I can recall, I have said,”If I live through winter, I will make it another year.” The winters in North Alabama can be harsh and damp,  with freezing  cold,  ice and snow ,unlike those so  close to the Gulf of Mexico.Yes,  it is hard to believe but there are distinct,  real seasons there! Regardless of where I have live, I have a strong  sense and awareness of the seasons. I thrive in the early spring, beautiful sunny summers, frequent tropical like downpours and mild winters in Southeast Louisiana.

As fall and winter approach, I am grateful for my health, my friends, for all the people I love dearly and especially, I am thankful for having the love and support of so many. A true friend is worth more than gold. Friendship and love can’t have a value put on them because they are priceless.

As I am well into the fall of my life, I can see the approaching winter. It is a time for reflection, for remembering the very best of life that we have lived and to be able to recall times of suffering as distant memories without the pain. We are meant to suffer a life event as it unfolds and finds meaning, not to relive the pain with each flicker or flame of remembrance.  Past suffering and  mental pain can become  a reflective  memory when they find meaningful ways to help others. Some cultures call this wisdom,  I pray God can help me  find a  path to share what wisdom He has blessed  and bestowed upon me.