Rest for those who are weary is relieved by God with His Light of Life by transporting our souls to the other side,  a thin veiled world separating our present existence from a spiritual, ethereal one. Our present souls have been temporarily placed  for hours, days, weeks, months or years, in human form which is intended to be shed to begin eternity. The wisp of the soul will  eventually rise and escape earthly constraints to soar with the winds, through the clouds, along the wings of birds, shining within  rays of the rising and setting sun and moon, surfing the ocean’s waves, flowing with the rivers over rocks and in small bubbling brooks. Some souls doubt that the afterlife exists, others embrace the truth creating a perpetual reality to be ready to cross the anticipated threshold at anytime.The souls that look forward to the eternal spiritual life are blessed with enormous faith, trusting that death of the earthly carcass does not end our spiritual existence. The spirit soul survives and thrives to soar to a joyful, free, glorious place unlike anything the human spirit is capable of comprehending.The faithful dream and imagine, continually trusting the beauty,  freedom, rest, love and Light in the everlasting life to come.