Angels protect us when we are least aware and need them the most. I totally trust and surrender to my guardian angel who knows the secrets of my heart and soul.She understands me better than I know myself, she stays beside me ,but yet in front at the same instant. Her constant and abiding protection are undeniable, if I listen to her whispers of wisdom, my life is more peaceful, serene and calm. Even when I am surrounded by doubt and indecision, she sees only the best for me and gently guides my path toward the better direction.

At times I refuse to hear the gentle voice , ignore the constant  thoughts and choose a less desirable solution than the one I heard. When the outcome I hope for doesn’t materialize, I have become more aware that ignoring my angel’s guidance, is my human choice, one that may or not work to the grace and peace I so desire.

As the holiday season celebrating the birth of Jesus rapidly approaches, I am listening to the wisdom of my guardian angel by trying to avoid  unnecessary hustle and bustle. Christmas is not meant to cause a frenzy of activity that leaves people exhausted, overwhelmed, broke and depressed. Learning to listen to your heart to determine what part of the celebrations are the most meaningful for you, your family and close friends is essential to surviving and thriving the season.

Try to establish an area in your home where you can  meditate, listen, pray  or just  be still for a few moments. Each of us have an angel watching over us wanting to offer choices , it is in the uncluttered moments that you can listen for the messages of love, peace, goodness and kindness. Solving problems and finding solutions is easier with quiet consideration and space.

I encourage you to begin to create your own special space,a place with a comfortable chair, a soft light, music or silence, and a journal. Writing can be a way of healing and some people find writing to be an essential part of life. Free flow of thoughts may occur and find their way to paper, whether the words are merely scattered thoughts that want to be released or words that form goals, make lists,  write stories or poetry or record feelings.Once it is written it is declared and can be let go, a catharsis! Our guardian angels celebrate when we allow ourselves  to clear our minds, become receptive and listen to the silence of thought.