August 22, 2017

Eleven years after surgery for breast cancer, a double mastectomy with reconstruction, I am happy, content and at peace with my soul. Changes that I could have never imagined have led to this positive  purposed last part of my life.  My spiritual, intellectual, professional and personal world have eclipsed into one complete mesh to be the best part my of life , the beginning of the last quarter.

Being able to do what I love is heaven on Earth!

My loves are living with someone I truly care for and love, choosing to use my knowledge and skills in my profession as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, shooting photographs and sharing the images, tending and nurturing my bulbs and flowers in my healing garden that I started soon after the cancer diagnosis, watching my wild birds and taking care of my homey home.

My lifelong collections of meaningful art, objects and family photos provide me with a plethora of memories of loved people and places. Lovingly tending to all my passions but yet  being able to experience quietness is what I love to do!! What do you love to do?